Rice Paper Rolls with Prawns

Involtini di Carta di Riso ai Gamberi

Ingredients (12 rolls 4 per person):

  • 12 Rice paper
  • 200 g Prawns
  • 12 Sliced Bacon
  • 200 g Leafy Spinach
  • Avocado
  • 200 g Mixed Leaf Salad
  • 140 g Shirataki noodles or rice noodles fine
  • Mint
  • Coriander
  • 1 Green Onion Part
  • 1 Cucumber sticks
  • 2 Carrot sticks
  • Nuoc Cham sauce

Shelled and cleaned the intestine shrimp, cook them in a little water and salt, just cooked, drain and let cool. Take the slices of bacon and roasted in a pan, without using fat. Once browned, place it on kitchen paper to degrease.

If using the shirataki noodles know that, if they are fresh not require cooking, but I recommend you boil the water and immerse them for a minute or two and then drain. This will serve to alleviate the smell, do not get me wrong … do not stink, they only have a bit of a smell of konjac root, you will not feel more after this procedure and not affect to the taste. This allows the noodles absorb better the flavor, in case you make them stir-fried or in a soup.

Now prepare the vegetables on a tray: wash and dry the spinach, the salad, the aromatic herbs, and the stems of onion that you will do in strips. Sliced for a long the cucumber and the avocado, and then, the carrots  into strips (I used a handy tool similar to a potato peeler but creates some strips like spaghetti!), cut in half the shrimp and the bacon strips.

Prepare a cutting board and a container with cold water (I used a pan) that will serve to the rice paper, now we start to make the rolls!!!

Take a sheet of rice paper, pass it in water to wet it, but do not let it soak, should just get wet to rehydrate and do it with a sheet at a time.

Put it on the cutting board with very gentle, and start putting horizontally, approximately in half, leaving the free edges: lettuce, spinach, carrots, avocado, cucumber, herbs, onion and a little of shirataki noodles. Perpendicularly to the strip vegetables, put three half shrimp in line perpendicular to the shrimp, the bacon. Now we begin to roll ….. Fold the higher end on vegetables, trying to keep it compact, now bent inward the lateral flaps and finish rolling the rest of the roll. The rice paper, when dries becomes sticky, so you should not have trouble closing them. I know it sounds complicated, but you will see that prepared the first, will become a mechanical operation and fast. I used the round form sheets and not very thick, suitable to be eaten raw, there are also square, but I find it more uncomfortable. Thicker ones I believe are intended to be cooked, because I cant find them the most for this kind of preparation.

Put a bit of Nuoc Cham sauce in a bowl and place the rolls in a plate and serve!

You can prepare in advance, and varying both the vegetables that the proteins so as to create different combinations!

Really Yummy!



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