Syrup Honey and Ginger

Sciroppo al Miele e Zenzero (2)

Here is a syrup suitable for multiple uses, very effective for sore throat, for digestion and helps to warm up in winter! After seeing him prepare on Instagram a lot of times I decided to prepare and try it! It is very simple to make and you can use it to sweeten tea or putting 3/4 tablespoons and then add only the hot water or milk, creams, yogurts, desserts in general and once finished the syrup you can use slices of lemon and ginger to flavor cakes and cookies as soaking in honey become candied. But now we see how to prepare it!


  • 1 jar of honey to taste (in this case Mille Fiori)
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 Fresh Ginger
  • 1 sprig of mint
  • 1 Jar

Wash and slice the lemon and ginger. Begin to lay the slices of lemon in the jar empty one on the bottom and on the other side, put even a few slices of ginger and add honey to half can, and try to let go honey everywhere so as to prevent air bubbles . Now add the remaining ginger and lemon sprig of mint and fill the whole with more honey to cover the whole. It keeps it in the fridge.

Initially you will see the liquid form on the surface …. Don’t worry is the lemon juice that comes out of the slices, being lighter rises to the surface, shake or turn the mixture with a spoon so that amalgams with honey. It will be ready the day after but obviously will stand and infuse more flavor and aroma will intensify. There is also a way of “express” to get it, which I think in case of sore throat is even more effective. Blend a piece of ginger with honey and lemon juice, then add the hot water, when the pieces of ginger not liked enough to filter it all!


Sciroppo al Miele e Zenzero



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